Omnos Finger Prick Blood Tests

The much anticipated new range of Omnos home blood tests is finally here!


Having full control over your health empowers you to make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle choices. With our new range of home blood tests in addition to the existing home tests we offer on our website, you will be able to gain even more data driven insights into your overall health.

About Omnos At Home Blood Tests

The new range of Omnos blood tests will allow you to better optimise your health by looking into the unique combination of up to 42 blood markers that we have carefully put together with you in our mind, making each one of our blood tests highly targeted for your specific needs.

Our finger prick blood tests are designed for your convenience to take in the comfort of your home. Each test kit comes in a smart packaging which includes user friendly safety lancets, mini collect vials, complete with plasters and alcohol wipes, and instructions on how to take the tests.

With our range of blood tests, you'll be able to pinpoint the possible causes for symptoms such as bloating, gas, abnormal weight loss or weight gain, extremely high or low libido, struggle to wake up, sleepiness post lunch, heart burn, loose stool, frequently ill, brain fog, cardiac problems, blood sugar regulation issues, anaemia, PCOS, menopause and more. You can also check how well your liver and kidneys are working, your cholesterol and blood glucose levels, your minerals and vitamin levels, your red and white blood cell counts, your thyroid function, your fertility levels, and possible warning signs of a disease if any.

Once your results are back from the lab, they will be uploaded onto your personal Omnos dashboard and you will have access to a 15 minute free online consultation with one of our experts who will talk you through them and answer any questions you may have. Your raw data will be available for you to keep as well.

Our At Home Blood Test Prices and Benefits


The Wellness blood test looks at full blood count, fatty acid balance, and blood glucose levels that could be related to symptoms such as changes in energy, bloating, or gas.

  • Price: £99.00
  • Blood Markers: 18

Wellness Advanced

The Wellness Advanced blood test gives you insights into liver, kidney, cardiac and digestive health as well as an indication of vitamin and mineral status.

  • Price: £99.00
  • Blood Markers: 24

Wellness Complete

The Wellness Complete blood test is the most comprehensive wellness test as it combines all markers from Wellness and Wellness Advanced giving you more detailed insights into the cause of your symptoms.

  • Price: £169.00
  • Blood Markers: 42

Thyroid Complete

The Thyroid Complete blood test provides a complete analysis on your thyroid function including thyroid regulation, activation, and antibodies to assess the overall thyroid health.

  • Price: £69.00
  • Blood Markers: 10

Sex Hormone Complete - Female

The Sex Hormone Complete - Female blood test gives a complete analysis of female sex hormones and thyroid function that regulates symptoms in relation to libido, sleep, energy, mood, and stress.

  • Price: £99.00
  • Blood Markers: 23

Sex Hormone Complete - Male

The Sex Hormone Complete - Male blood test gives a complete analysis of male sex hormones and thyroid function that regulates symptoms in relation to libido, sleep, energy, mood, and stress.

  • Price: £99.00
  • Blood Markers: 24

Fertility + Hormone

The Fertility + Hormone blood test is specifically designed for women to measure fertility levels and identify if hormonal imbalances could also be affecting your fertility.

  • Price: £149.00
  • Blood Markers: 24

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