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At Omnos we understand that your body is as unique as you are, and therefore you need an approach that is tailored specifically to you.
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No more guesswork or wasted effort

The Omnos programme has been developed to identify how small adjustments to your lifestyle, nutrition and fitness can have incredible results on your overall wellbeing.

How will I benefit?

Self assessment

Take a series of self assessment questionnaires to help identify some initial areas of strength or weakness.


Our range of tests will help you understand how your genes as well as your environment are potentially affecting your overall wellness.

Scoring & recommendations

As you complete assessments and tests we will provide you with highly targeted and personalised series of recommendations to help you optimise your overall sense of wellness.

Underpinned by science

Our unique scoring and recommendation engine has been developed by our expert panel of scientists and health practitioners to help simplify often complex information and distil it into easy to understand contextualised results.

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Our Story
Thomas and Ben, the founders of Omnos, first met at Liverpool Station on 12th July 2018. It was a memorable date as Thomas had just been at the birth of his first child, best excuse ever for being half an hour late!
Five easy steps to successful and sustainable health optimisation
People around the world are desperately seeking better ways to get healthy, but most of them lack the knowledge or are paralyised by too much information for it to be effective long term. The question is, what can you do now to make a difference in your health?
A 3 step journey to promote balance across all body systems
The time has come to replace the purely reductionist ‘eyes-down’ molecular perspective with a new and genuinely holistic ‘eyes-up’ view of the living world, one whose primary focus is on evolution, emergence and biology's innate complexity. Carl Woese 2006

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