The Intelligent
Health System

At Omnos we understand that your body is as unique as you are. Therefore, you deserve an approach that is tailored specifically to you.

No more guesswork or wasted effort!

The Omnos programme has been developed to identify how small adjustments to your lifestyle, nutrition and fitness can have incredible results on your overall wellbeing.

How will I benefit?

Test boxes

Self assessment

Take a series of self assessment questionnaires to help identify some initial areas of strength or weakness.



Our range of tests will help you understand how your genes as well as your environment are potentially affecting your overall wellness.

Phone screen with recommendations

Scoring & recommendations

As you complete assessments and tests we will provide you with highly targeted and personalised series of recommendations to help you optimise your overall sense of wellness.


How will I benefit?

Self Assessment

As a first step, take a series of self assessment questionnaires to help identify your initial areas of strength or weakness.

Home Tests

Our range of tests will help you understand how your genes as well as your environment are  affecting your health.

Scoring & Recommendations

Based on your results, get personalised recommendations to help you optimise your overall sense of wellness.

Underpinned by Science

Our unique scoring and recommendation engine has been developed by our expert panel of scientists and health practitioners to help simplify often complex information and distil it into easy to understand contextualised results.

Discover more

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Understanding your Omnos Results
A step by step guide on how to view your individual test results and understand your results displayed from that data.
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New Omnos Benefit - Discounted Gym Membership
Omnos have partnered with Incorpore Ltd to provide Omnos customers with discounted gym memberships.
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A Nutritional Expert's Guide on How to Manage Menopause Symptoms with a Healthy Diet
Menopause can come with a raft of symptoms and cutting one thing from your diet could help keep menopause symptoms at bay.


Here's what our existing clients say about their Omnos experience.
"Thank you so much for all this information, it feels like the change in my life that I was waiting for"
Ciara, London
"I cannot believe the in-depth information I received, and it makes so much sense too! Now it's all in my hands and it is so pretty. I feel so excited and empowered now"
Deb, Manchester
"I am so impressed by the results and how you guys managed to connect the dots between all those various tests. Perfect for a geek like me!"
Ollie, Edinburgh
"I want to say the new content on my genes dashboard results are fantastic. I thought it was good before but the vast amount of info that’s been added is great."
Dan, London
"Many thanks, you have been fantastic and hope to get my boys and husband tested very soon as I think this has been the most insightful test I have ever taken, I will be telling my sisters and friends about Omnos!"
Becky C
"After speaking with you about my results, I left feeling much better, more positive and felt that I could take control over the issues we discussed. It was rather empowering. Thank you again for listening and being so patient and helpful."
I was very impressed by the insight I have been given as well as the easy to implement "hacks” that really have made a difference.
Regulation Specialist - (The Law Society)
I have been on a fascinating journey of discovery. My reactions to certain pollutants have been explained with almost uncanny precision.
C-Suite Executive at Nuclear Horizon
After 3 months I’ve lost weight, reduced body fat, improved my sleep quality by 25% and most importantly I feel different and perform better
C-Suite Executive at BMW

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