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Our mission

Our goal is to shift the focus of health and wellness from treating symptoms to a more efficient holistic prevention model centred around you.

The science

Our aim at Omnos is to make established scientific knowledge accessible to all. 

We carefully choose our lab partners based on the highest standards of accreditation and accuracy. 

Our team of scientists and practitioners have worked in combination with our data experts to ensure that the recommendations and results we present are not only accurate but also build a complete understanding of your current wellness.

Meet our Team

We have built a diverse team of experienced health professionals and data scientists focused on making the latest research and testing techniques accessible to all.
Our founders
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Thomas Olivier
Founder & CEO
Sport scientist and ex-athlete ( French swimming champion ) Thomas Olivier's innovative science-based coaching methods and his book “Cracking Your Health Code” have been aiding hundreds of people to achieve their optimum health and performance. Thomas is a registered nutrigenomics practitioner and was the first in the UK to offer fitness and nutrition plans based on individual DNA make-up to help executives and Athlete reach their full potential.
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Ben Thomson
Founder & Chairman
International athlete, physicist and investment bank CEO, Ben has both run companies and created new ones. He is also currently the Chairman of Planet Organic and the Chairman of Inverleith LLP. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and a visiting professor of business at Dundee University.
Our advisory board
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Stephen Duncan
Co-Creator - Health and Nutrition Specialist
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Dr Tamsin Lewis
Chief Medical Officer
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Dr Mariette Abrahams
B2B personalised Nutrition Consultant

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