The issue with health

Our healthcare model is at breaking point. It’s geared towards treating symptoms rather than looking at the root causes.

By 2035, 67% of over-65s in the UK will be living with at least two chronic illnesses.

By making small changes to diet, lifestyle and your environment can help prevent you becoming part of this statistic. Let's get started!

Our mission

Our goal is to shift the focus of health and wellness from treating symptoms to a more efficient holistic prevention model centred around you.

Meet our Team

We have built a diverse team of experienced health professionals and data scientists focused on making the latest research and testing techniques accessible to all.
Our founders
Thomas Olivier
Founder & CEO
Nutrigenomic practitioner, health coach and author of ‘Cracking your health code’. Providing DNA testing to clients for over 10 years.
Ben Thomson
Founder & Chairman
30 years experience in investment banking, main shareholder of multiple health brands such as Planet Organic. Ben is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.
Our advisory board
Stephen Duncan
Co-Creator - Health and Nutrition specialist
Professor Robert Verkerk
Research & Sustainability
Dr Mariette Abrahams
B2B personalised Nutrition Consultant
Professor Andrew Morris
Data Strategy

Omnos for professionals

As practitioners ourselves we know how important human guidance and expertise is in helping our clients on their health journey.

The Omnos platform has been built with you in mind.

Our simple to use platform gives an easy to understand report and recommendation which will guide you with setting goals and advise for your clients.

As a partner practitioner you will also earn money back for each test your clients purchase through the platform.
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Employees with an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to report a loss of productivity.
Employees feel their employers do not care about their health leading to loss of motivation.
At Omnos we understand that prevention is the new cure.
Keeping your organisation fit and healthy leads to a more engaged and efficient workforce.

We encourage a more pro-active approach to personal health management geared towards helping your teams thrive in today's fast paced world.

By making small, consistent improvements to diet, exercise and lifestyle, our platform helps users reach their health goals while reducing the risk of chronic illness over time.
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Omnos for business


A few thoughts from our current clients
I was very impressed by the insight I have been given as well as the easy to implement "hacks” that really have made a difference.
Regulation Specialist - (The Law Society)
I have been on a fascinating journey of discovery. My reactions to certain pollutants have been explained with almost uncanny precision.
C-Suite Executive at Nuclear Horizon
After 3 months I’ve lost weight, reduced body fat, improved my sleep quality by 25% and most importantly I feel different and perform better
C-Suite Executive at BMW

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