Photo by Brett Jordan on UnsplashPhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Omnos Platform Features: Wellness & Health Scores
The Wellness Score on the Omnos platform is a visual interpretation of your health status at that moment.
Omnos Platform Features: Food list
The Omnos platform has many features beyond the initial test results on the Dashboard. In this blog, we will showcase one of these features called the ‘Food List’.
DNA strandDNA strand
The Power of wellness DNA Testing for Healthcare Practitioners
Understanding the potentials and limitations
Strand of DNAStrand of DNA
DNA Testing: Glossary 101
DNA tests come with a plethora of new terminology. This blog post will help you decipher the meaning of each term and understand how they relate to each other.
COT example on tabletCOT example on tablet
New app feature - Change over Time
Join us as we reveal this incredible feature and discover how it can bring you one step closer to your health and wellness aspirations.
Omnos & Regenerus mergerOmnos & Regenerus merger
The Merger of Omnos and Regenerus Labs
Omnos and Regenerus Labs have merged, uniting a leading test supplier with a digital platform for practitioners to manage and analyse client health data.

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