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Testosterone in men
When you think of testosterone, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A sense of masculinity in an overly assertive or aggressive way, right?
Oestrogen and the Male Libido
Testosterone is the one and often only hormone that gets mentioned when the topics of male fertility and sexual prowess are discussed.
Male Hormones
Hormones have an unmeasurable impact in our daily life: they have control over the body, the mood and even the reproduction status.
Why is Cortisol Important?
Simply put, without cortisol we would not get up in the morning! It often gets a bad rap but not enough cortisol is worse in many respects than too much.
A 3 step journey to promote balance across all body systems
The time has come to replace the purely reductionist ‘eyes-down’ molecular perspective with a new and genuinely holistic ‘eyes-up’ view of the living world, one whose primary focus is on evolution, emergence and biology's innate complexity. Carl Woese 2006
9 reasons to rethink your health reality
What If you could choose any health model you want, would you not choose one that works for you? One that deliver results and makes you happy? One that removes the guesswork and offers the support you need to reach your goal, one that educates you instead of leaving you in the dark?
The infinite game of health optimisation
To be honest, I don't know much about cars.I may have changed a tire once or twice or made sure the oil levels never ran out but otherwise left the rest to the experts.But if you want a car to perform optimally, I know it requires a lot of fine tuning and engineering.
Can you prevent mental illness through diet?
In our days and age, where media are constantly reminding us of the importance of our look and physical appearance. We often tend to undermine the importance of our mental health.

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