The Science behind the platform

Our aim at Omnos is to make established scientific knowledge accessible to all.

Our team of scientists and practitioners have worked in combination with our data experts to ensure that the recommendations and results we present are not only accurate but also build a complete understanding of your current wellness.

World class labs

We carefully choose our lab partners based on the highest standards of accreditation and accuracy. We are constantly evaluating the latest research and testing techniques. As products become available we will validate their benefits and add them to the system where they enhance our understanding.

A complete picture

Combining genetic data with functional testing and contextual self assessment gives us a more holistic view of your current health and wellbeing.

Omnos scoring system

Our unique scoring engine has been developed by our scientists and practitioners to reveal patterns and highlight areas that need improvement.

Your score is revealed at each level to help guide you towards potential areas of strength or weakness.

Contextual results

We have created a pioneering and innovative approach to contextualising and linking various data points across a range of test types.

No other service currently has our level of detail at both a macro and micro level.

Data security

We take security very seriously and work hard to make sure you have complete control over your data.

You can access the raw results, request all of your data or delete your account at any time.

Your data is your data and we don’t sell or pass it to any other third parties.
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