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We have built the Omnos platform to help our users gain insights into their current wellness levels and to support them in their journey to optimise their overall health and wellbeing.

As an extension of the main platform, we have created a dashboard for Affiliates and Practitioners where it is possible to invite users to Omnos and where Practitioners are able to use Omnos with their clients.

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We have 4 tiers of partnership

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Omnos for affiliates

If you are already promoting OMNOS to friends, clients or followers, firstly, thank you!

Are you an influencer or blogger, or perhaps a personal trainer and your clients or followers will benefit from our services...?

Get commission on every order and exclusive discounts for you and your network

Plus other perks like events, meet ups and joining our Omnos Academy to learn the science behind the tests

Omnos for Practitioners

The Practitioner level of access is for qualified health and wellness practitioners.

We have designed a simple to use platform giving an easy to understand report and recommendation which will guide you with setting goals and advice for your clients.

Discounted tests for yourself and clients
Commission on every order placed through you
Access to clients results including the raw data

Plus other perks like events, the chance to write for us and become a recommended expert

Omnos for experts

The Expert level is for those that have been certified by Omnos as Experts. In addition to the Practitioner access to client’s scores and results, you will be included in the Omnos referrals.

As an Expert, you will be recommended to users based on their specific needs and support required.

Omnos for business

Employees with an unhealthy diet are 66% more likely to report a loss of productivity.
Employees feel their employers do not care about their health leading to loss of motivation.
Want to learn more about how Omnos can support you in the workplace...We offer;

• HR Solutions
• Employee perks & wellbeing support
• Complimentary consultations
• Discounted tests for your staff
• Actionable data

We want to hear from you too. Let us show you how the Omnos platform can help support your business and compliment a vast array of other products and services.

Distributors...we’re working really hard in the UK but we’ve also got our eye on you! We’re aiming to expand our reach and welcome the discussion for new markets.
Get in touch to learn more about how Omnos can help you and your employees.
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