The Merger of Omnos and Regenerus Labs

Omnos and Regenerus Labs have merged, uniting a leading test supplier with a digital platform for practitioners to manage and analyse client health data.

Omnos & Regenerus merger
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This really is very exciting and an absolute game changer for the industry

Justin Price, Founder and CEO of Regenerus

We are delighted to announce the merger of Omnos and Regenerus Labs. The merger brings together one of the leading functional health test suppliers to practitioners in the UK with a unique digital health platform that enables practitioners to better manage and assess their clients’ health by cross-analysing test and symptom data, with access to a wide range of tests from leading labs across the world.

Ben Thomson (left), Co-Founder and Chairman of Omnos, Thomas Olivier (right), Co-Founder of Omnos, celebrate the agreement with Justin Price (centre), Founder and CEO of Regenerus Labs.

Regenerus is one of the largest functional and nutritional wellness test suppliers to UK practitioners and is particularly known for providing a range of acclaimed functional tests, including tests such as DUTCH hormone testing, the GI360 gut and microbiome test, and Organic Acid Test to registered practitioners. In the last 12 months, Regenerus has sold approximately 25,000 tests to over 4,000health practitioners, including nutritionists, dieticians, functional doctors, as well as general practitioners, pharmacists, and dentists.

The Omnos platform stands out as one of the most advanced on the market, designed to assist both health professionals and their clients in assessing health data. By cross-referencing personalised questionnaire data with advanced functional diagnostic test information, the platform recommends the best test or package of tests for an individual's symptoms. Tests can be conveniently purchased online or through a health practitioner, and blood tests can be easily accessed through our network of over 140 phlebotomists across the UK. Once test results are uploaded, the platform uses unique algorithms to analyse an individual's health, providing clear explanations and recommendations. With practitioners and their clients both accessing and utilising the Omnos platform, adherence to protocol is significantly higher, which has a highly impactful effect on the way testing is accessed and interpreted.

Exciting developments are underway in the Omnos software and platform to enhance access and interaction with testing and wider health data. These new features will provide practitioners with a superior user experience, enabling them to better interpret results for their clients and representing the cutting edge of innovation.

One of the key features being developed is the ability for health practitioners to upload historical data onto the Omnos platform. This will allow practitioners to analyse changes in their clients' test results over time, supporting abetter understanding of progress. With this capability, practitioners will be able to provide more informed recommendations and interventions to improve their clients' health outcomes.

The combined company has 28 employees and revenues of approximately £5 million for 2023, with offices based in Edinburgh and Redhill.

We have been working with Omnos for the last three years, and we can see the huge opportunity for the combined company to have the most scientifically robust and powerful offering to support our health practitioners. Not only will we add to the range of tests we currently provide, particularly the Omnos genetics and blood tests, but within the very near future, this platform will allow our practitioners to load any functional, genetic, or blood test onto the Omnos platform for assisted interpretation or evaluation. This will provide every practitioner with improved tools to better analyse data consistently by joining the dots across tests to obtain a more complete and integrated assessment of a client's health. This is really exciting and an absolute game-changer for the industry.

Justin Price, Founder and CEO of Regenerus.

We have found that where practitioners have used the Omnos platform, their ability to assess test data has expanded with the cross-referencing of data to build a picture of the clients' health, providing explanations and recommendations at each step of the process. In addition, where practitioners have provided their clients with access to the platform to see their results, clients have found it easier to follow protocols and had better outcomes. This merger will further enhance the Regenerus offering to health practitioners and give Omnos greater access to health practitioners.

Ben Thomson, Co-Founder and Chair of Omnos.

What happens now?

As a Regenerus or Omnos partner, nothing will be changing, it is business as usual with an aim to improve and optimise the performance of both businesses. In the long run there will be updates and alterations to our services that will allow you to provide abetter service to your clients, but we will let you know when these are happening.

To find out more about platform developments and the merger, sign up to Regenerus as a Practitioner and look out for updates!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our support team on

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