Omnos Platform Features: Wellness & Health Scores

The Wellness Score on the Omnos platform is a visual interpretation of your health status at that moment.

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Initially, the scoring is solely on the answers you provide during the self-assessment. These 200+ questions are based on functional medicine questionnaires that are linked to various body systems. 

Additionally, the platform will consider any other biomarkers from testing to improve the overall wellness score but also assess the state of your health in the prioritised health scores list. 

These health scores will show the various involved body systems in the order of the highest scoring which means they would have the highest scoring during the self-assessment as well as correlating biomarkers, if applicable.

These body systems include:

  • Energy Regulation (HPA Axis)
  • Male/ Female Sex Hormones
  • Upper GI (Stomach)
  • Amino Acid Status (Protein status)
  • Vitamin Status
  • Mineral Status
  • Kidneys & Bladder
  • Immune system regulation
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Fatty Acid Status
  • Liver & Gallbladder
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Gastrointestinal Health (Gut Health)
  • Pathogenic status

As new data is added and the self-assessment is updated each time after addressing certain areas, the list above will be changing and adjusting to the new priorities. 

Any prioritisation will bring with it also a list of results, linked biomarkers and most importantly recommendations. These are revealed by diving into any of the above-mentioned body systems and going a level deeper. In this article, we will explore Vitamin Status and in particular Folate/Vitamin B9. 

After selecting Vitamin Status from the prioritised health score list you are given a new set of options:

Results will provide you with all results states that are linked to a Vitamin Status. Biomarkers will show you any tested biomarker that is either dependent on a Vitamin or represents the status of a specific one. Recommendations are based on the health score and your preferences. 

In this example, we are given an increased need for Folate/Vitamin B9:

Upon clicking on this result we can read about the Vitamin and its function as well as the interpretation of the result. You are also provided with another drop-down menu providing you with related biomarkers linked to Vitamin B9 as well the symptoms from the self-assessment.

Understanding the wellness and health scores provides you with a wealth of information that enables focus on those areas that need the most attention as you start your health journey to optimal health. This insight provides the what, where and why to help you understand the impact any health score makes on your health and connects the dots back to your initial symptoms. 

The Omnos platform offers the first stepping stone by providing you with dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to allow you to take the first step towards a healthier new you. 

Working additionally with a qualified practitioner can focus and speed up the process even more. They support you by reviewing your current diet and eating habits, as well as any other lifestyle aspects and work with you to create a plan to get you closer to your goals. 

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