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New app feature - Change over Time
Join us as we reveal this incredible feature and discover how it can bring you one step closer to your health and wellness aspirations.
The Merger of Omnos and Regenerus Labs
Omnos and Regenerus Labs have merged, uniting a leading test supplier with a digital platform for practitioners to manage and analyse client health data.
Which Test is Best for you?
Wondering what test is best for you? Try our new Test Recommendation tool. We’re the first company in the UK to offer this sort of service.
Mission & Vision
Our mission is to actively engage in preventative measures through the provision of a comprehensive, one-stop digital solution
Creative Marketing Assistant
We’re hiring!
Omnos are hiring a number of roles. Please follow the link below or email the relevant person to see the job description and how to apply.
Omnos X Clearlight Saunas
Win a clearlight sauna and suite of tests (total worth over £4,500)
Understanding your Omnos Results
A step by step guide on how to view your individual test results and understand your results displayed from that data.
The Omnos Story
Two men, different backgrounds, sharing the same vision and belief on the future of health, decide to join forces and create Omnos, the intelligent health system that has helped thousands of people in their health optimisation journey.

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