DNA Day Offer EXTENDED until the 2nd of May 2022!

This year we're celebrating DNA day a little differently by offering a complimentary genes test when purchasing one of the three Omnos tests for this promo during the whole week from 25 to 29 April 2022.

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How can I get a complimentary Genes test? 

To enjoy this offer from 25 April to 2nd of May 2022, you need to buy one of the following tests in order to receive your complimentary Omnos genes test: a (DUTCH) hormones test, a microbiome test, or an enviro-toxins test. When you've decided on which test you want to get, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to omnos.me website, go to the shop, and select the test you want to buy: hormones, microbiome or enviro-toxins, add the test to your basket
  2. Proceed to check-out and use code DNADAY
  3. Place your order and complete the payment
  4. That's it really
  5. You don't need to add a genes test to your basket. Our team will see the promo code DNADAY on your order and organise for a genes test to be delivered to you
  6. You won't see any messages being prompt on your screen about your free genes test but rest assured that our team will be on the case
  7. You should receive your free genes test within the next two-three working days
  8. Email support@omnos.me if you haven't received your tests within three working days
  9. If you didn't buy one of the three tests mentioned above, you will not be eligible to receive a free genes test

Terms and conditions

  1. You must be 18 or above;
  2. Offer is valid from 25 to 29 April 2022 at 12 midnight BST; [updated] Offer is now extended until 2nd of May 2022 at 12 midnight BST;
  3. Offer is only applicable for the purchase of a DUTCH hormones, microbiome, or enviro-toxins test on omnos.me and by hormones test, this does not include the Sex Hormones blood test range nor the Fertility & Hormones blood test;
  4. Code DNADAY must be used at checkout to redeem this offer;
  5. No cash alternative will be offered;
  6. The complimentary genes test will be sent to the same address as the one on your order for one of the three tests mentioned above;
  7. Using code DNADAY on any other test purchase than (DUTCH) hormones, microbiome, or enviro-toxins is not valid for this offer.

Why celebrate DNA day? 

Every year on the 25th of April, we celebrate the discovery and research into DNA and the scientific advancements that helped make progress possible along with other genetics enthusiasts. This celebration encourages people to learn more about the science that makes you, them, and us genetically unique.

What's the benefit of taking a genes test and another functional test? 

Omnos is about connecting the dots and breaking down the silos in health to get the full picture of your current health. So this year, we thought it would be great to offer a free genes test when you buy either a (DUTCH) hormones test, a microbiome test, or an enviro-toxins test. Connecting the data from one of these three functional tests with a genes DNA test will allow you to view your current functional state of health within a certain result state and the potential risk for those health issues. In other words, you can support key genetic weak points to augment any needed interventions recommended by the functional test.

Where can I learn about the benefits of the different tests?

Click on the link to each test If you want to learn more about why you should take a genes test, a hormones test, a microbiome test, or an enviro-toxins test. You can also go to our youtube channel to watch how to take the different tests or get some information about the tests from our webinar recordings. Here's a webinar on epigenetics that explains how your genes are not your fate.

Hurry, offer is ending on Monday, 2nd of May 2022. Shop now!

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