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Our mission is to actively engage in preventative measures through the provision of a comprehensive, one-stop digital solution

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Some worrying, hard truths about health in the UK:

*15m Britons – which equates to 22% of the British population – are currently living with chronic health issues.
*By 2035, 67% of over-65s will be living with at least two chronic illnesses. 
*In 2016/17, the NHS spent £155bn on healthcare. Less than 5% of that total was on prevention and wellness. 

Ill health among working-age individuals is a ticking time bomb for the UK economy, costing a staggering £150 billion annually - equivalent to a staggering 7% of GDP. According to a new analysis by the Times Health Commission, the cost has skyrocketed by a staggering 60% in just the past six years. The study, conducted by economics and finance consultancy Oxera, warns that unless action is taken immediately, there is a substantial risk of long-term damage to the UK economy.

Scary, huh?

What’s more is that while the world struggles to combat a global health crisis, the pharmaceutical industry rakes in a staggering 1.75 trillion dollars in profit, leaving the public in the dark and helpless. That's right, 1.75 trillion dollars, the equivalent of the GDP of a top 15 country in the world, like Canada, Australia, or South Korea. Yet, not a single penny of that profit is used to educate or empower the public to take control of their own health.To me and to many others I am sure, It's a shocking and unacceptable reality, and one that demands immediate action.

Nearly half of UK adults are confused by contradictory health advice, whether they glean their information from newspapers, magazines and social media, or by donning an invisible white coat and going down an ill-advised Dr Google hole. 

There is so much conflicting information it has become harder and harder to separate fact from fiction, and good advice from bad.

The healthcare industry alone cannot solve our health crisis. 

This is why Omnos is dedicated to advancing beyond conventional approaches to health by creating a cutting-edge, peer-to-peer health concept. Our mission is to actively engage in preventative measures through the provision of a comprehensive, one-stop digital solution. This solution allows for cross-referenced results and personalised recommendations, with the ultimate goal of shifting from disease management to disease prevention and promoting optimal health.

Decentralised from traditional healthcare settings, and connected to you through activities tailored to your taste, lifestyle, and bio-individuality.

It's time for ongoing and real-time health optimisation at our fingertips, both proactively and reactively. 

It's time for a fundamental upgrade of our approach to health. 

I truly believe that by implementing a new health order, we can ignite a change towards a sustainable, collective, and connected approach to health. 

The time is now, let's not wait for a crisis of extraordinary magnitude to force our hand.

A Visionary Health System

Healthcare is a fundamental right, yet access to accurate and reliable health information remains limited for many people.

Omnos is not just a testing company or a health dashboard. 

We are an intelligent health system that is revolutionising healthcare by connecting all health data to provide you with the most precise and personalised recommendations by order of priority.

Our mission is to simplify the complex and make it accessible and effective for everyone, disrupting an industry that desperately needs renovation.

The Future of Healthcare: Predictive Prevention

At Omnos, we are building a new health architecture based on predictive prevention. We aim to put an end to the growing pandemic of preventable chronic illnesses, by empowering people to make informed choices about their health. 

Our vision is to create a world where health is optimised and regenerated, making the future brighter for everyone.

Decentralising Health for All

We are committed to decentralising health, by putting all your health data in one place and giving you total ownership. 

Our secure ecosystem will connect populations and health professionals, providing personalised and scientifically validated precision prevention in real-time, through engaging technology.

The Road to Success

At Omnos, we believe that the journey to a healthier future is one that requires collaboration, innovation, and dedication. Our mission is to democratise and decentralised health, and we will not stop until we achieve this goal. Join us on this journey and experience the future of healthcare today.

We have already proven the concept and have helped thousands to regain control and ownership of their health. 

With the launch of Omnos 2.0 in September 2022, we have set the foundation for a new health architecture that is set to help millions. 

Omnos is a scientifically validated and advanced tool for predictive prevention that has been adopted by hundreds of health professionals for its user-friendly design. Our successful partnerships, ranging from employee perk platforms to big retailers like Selfridges, demonstrate the wide recognition of Omnos as the ultimate solution in this field.

At Omnos, we have built a culture that attracts top talent in the healthcare industry who share our mission to democratise health. Our team is fully committed to delivering our vision and is proud of the unique culture that sets us apart. 

Our team brings the right combination of skills and credentials to achieve success. As outsiders in the industry, our fresh perspective and startup mentality allows us to challenge traditional ideas and processes. With cutting-edge technology and strong governance, we are well positioned to bring about a revolution in healthcare and make health information accessible to everyone.

Join us on our mission to create an intelligent health system, a new health architecture, and a decentralised approach that will help millions live healthier and more informed lives. 

Be a part of the change with us.

Start your journey here 

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