New Omnos Benefit - Discounted Gym Membership

Omnos have partnered with Incorpore Ltd to provide Omnos customers with discounted gym memberships.

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As a part of the intelligent health scoring, Omnos give lifestyle recommendations including exercise such as weight lifting, reducing HIIT or increasing cardiovascular training.

Daily movement, weight lifting and exercise is incredibly important for bone, heart and mental health.

Until now, we could provide supplements and food lists, but now we can also give clients up to 25% off their gym membership* so they can fulfill these lifestyle changes.

My Gym Discounts offer membership across 3000+ gyms, studios, yoga classes and bootcamps in the UK and are available to signed up users as of 7th November 2022 if exercise is a necessary tool to improve their symptoms as per the intelligent health system.

*Terms and conditions
  • Benefit is only available to those who are paying clients
  • Can only be retrospectively provided to clients 6 months ago (as of 7th November 2022) if they ask for the benefit.
  • Benefit is only provided where exercise is a priority recommendation
  • Won't be automatic but can be given to those who meet the criteria

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