Top Tips from a NeuroScientist

To celebrate Brain Awareness Week we have teamed up with Nas!


Nas is also known as @nasneuro , a neuro scientist currently studying a PhD with a focus on genetics... so naturally we connected! 

We asked Nas for some top tips and nuggets of information that could help improve your brain health, including memory, cognition and mood.

Healthy Gut Microbiome 

Regularly consuming fermented foods/probiotics increase the diversity in gut microbes. This sees an improvement in your mental health. 

Sunlight Exposure

Going outside within 30 minutes of waking up can improve your productivity and sleep. 

Sleep more

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night betters your memory formation and your hormone regulation and recovery happens during your sleep

Work in 90 minute chunks

Your brain is designed to work best in its ultra-circadian rhythm, set a 90 minute timer and then take a 10-15 minute break!

Play for 30 minutes

Doing something fun, like playing an instrument/sport has been proven to undo neural circuit associated with trauma, this means better hormone regulation


Omega 3 rich EPA: taking 1.5-2G daily helps improve your brain health and function (and of course consume an Omega 3 rich diet with oily fish and nuts/seeds like hemp and walnuts!)

Oh and lastly… Exercise!

Daily exercise helps to maintain healthy blood sugar and oxygenate the brain. 

If you’re looking for more brain health tips then make sure you follow @nasneuro on Instagram!

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