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With so many supplements on the market, the weekly promising miracle pill that will cure every ailment possible, it can be pretty confusing to know what vitamins and supplements are worth being taken. Here is for you some valuable informations that will lead you to the right choice.

The gloomy reality.

It is a real fact, the food we eat have lost a lot of its nutritious content and is loaded in chemicals before ending up on our plates. 
I attended a talk where various fruits or veggies bought from our local supermarket, were put at test, send to the lab for analysis, the outcome was outrageous. The orange send to the lab had less vitamin C than a Ham sandwich! 
This is real and it has a massive impact on our health.

How did we get there?

We are not longer eating food, but food like products, poor in nutrients but rich in chemicals and calories. When french fries have 20+ ingredients and are made in a Lab, well you will need a lab to digest it. Furthermore you will not give your body the necessary vitamins and mineral to perform normally.
Food depletion is real and the main causes are:

Extensive use of pesticides and herbicides on fruits and vegetables
Hormones and antibiotics in farm animals and their feed
Food processing and long-term storage

How can you make sure to Nourish your body optimally?

First, buy biologic products as much as you can, this will already remove the nasty toxins that are directly linked to all sort of cancers and that we are buying from the shelves. 
500 man-made toxic chemicals were found in a single cell of a healthy 30 year old British woman. This is representative of the majority of the population.
We have invented over 50 millions Chemical over last few decades, and unfortunately the list is growing every second! A lot of them are being used as fertiliser or conservatives which will not be the case if you buy biologic.
There is thousands of health shops where you can source from, or even online options that delivers directly to your door. No excuse!. Locals farmer markets are a wonderful alternatives too which will help support your community and it is a much pleasant shopping experience. look them up on the internet there is one in every area of London.

Do I still need supplements?

Yes! In today highly toxic world, you may consider that you need to support your diet with the most complete and balanced formula of antioxidants available for the least.
The food is no longer enough, even if we buy biologic, there is still the toxic load that you will find in the air we breathe, that your body is fighting on a constant bases, which creates free radicals, that are the main cause of chronic inflammation, which is the main cause of the growing " disease of our civilization"  degenerative diseases.
This is why you need supplement, to help those 37.2 trillion cells of yours to do they work properly so you can thrive as the wonderful human being you are and prevent yourself from degenerative diseases that are the represent the first cause of death in the world.

Snake oil or real vitamins ? 

Remember that vitamins and minerals are food, not drugs, and work together to enhance the body's immune System. A fully functioning immune system goes a long way to have a disease free body. 
However! Another reality is 54% of the supplement available on the UK market do not dissolve! In other term, they are not breaking down therefore the body cannot metabolism them. 

What shall I consider when buying supplements?

Do the company’s scientists have a real knowledge of human cell technology? It is important to understand that unbalanced and incomplete nutritional supplements are generally ineffective in promoting better health and are often at best a waste of money.

Are the dosages used those that are shown by current medical and scientific research to have protective or therapeutic benefits? Many don't. 

Are the products manufactured in a food and drugs administration (FDA) certified facility that follows good manufacturing practice (GMP) to the same standards used by the pharmaceutical industry? This is very rare and shows a good commitment to quality.

Are the products listed in any medical reference such as the physician desk reference? 

Do the products meet the stringent specifications of the British pharmacopeia with regard to potency, purity, disintegration, dissolution, packaging and labelling? 
One recent study showed more than half the supplements tested didn’t even dissolve effectively. 

Are the ingredients in their most easily absorbed forms as they are in nature?

Do the manufacturers laboratory test and guarantee the potency and quality of the products? If so, this will be stated on the label and in their literature. Is it manufactured in-house?

Do the products contain a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, other antioxidants and their
necessary cofactors? For example bioflavonoid complex, turmeric extract, glutathione precursors, inositol, coenzyme Q10 etc..

One recent independent study collating the views of 12 of the world's leading nutrition experts judged 100s of products against a theoretical maximum of 100%.   

The world's top selling multivitamin scored only 3.2%!!
One supplement company scored 96.1%


Be in touch if you want guidance on on your personalised supplement strategy 

Remember, your health your responsibility.

Helping you live fully and to your fullest because it is the real way.









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