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Win a clearlight sauna and suite of tests (total worth over £4,500)

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To make 2023 your best year ever, we, Clearlight & Omnos, have made it our mission to help you understand your health alongside the benefits of sweating, detoxification and healthy weight loss (if that is your goal).

What better way is there to get a suite of health tests to understand where you are at with your health, combined with the amazing benefits of an infrared sauna to really start off strong in 2023!

Omnos provides insights into your health as well as personalised recommendations on lifestyle changes, strategies and therapies to improve your wellbeing. One way to improve health is by using an infrared sauna (you can see the benefits here) but whilst there is growing access to health clubs that offer this, why not have one in your very own home?

Together we’re gifting a two person essential infrared sauna

plus the following Omnos tests:

About Clearlight

Clearlight Saunas has been designing and manufacturing for more than 24 years. As the market leader for therapeutic-grade infrared saunas, Clearlight has been helping thousands of people through a list of health benefits:

  • Detoxification
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction of inflammation
  • Sleep improvement
  • Muscle recovery

As we’re going into the new year, detoxification is on the agenda, so we’ve compiled an extensive overview of the body’s detoxification system (check out the first phase of detox)

One part of the system is elimination and, providing we’re hydrated and our body is otherwise healthy, adding a sauna into your routine may help release those toxins through sweat.

The tests we have paired help to understand your blood chemistry as well as get an insight to your potential toxin and heavy metal build up.

To win a clearlight sauna and suite of tests (total worth over £4500) all you have to do is enter your details below. Terms & conditions apply*

Competition is now closed

Terms and conditions

To be eligible for entry you need to fill out the form with a working email address and full name
Your data will be shared with both Omnos and Clearlight Saunas
You can unsubscribe from marketing emails at any time, but if you unsubscribe before the competition draw you will not be eligible to win
Competition only available to UK residents
Entries close 23rd January 2023
Winner will be picked 25th January 2023
By entering the competition you are agreeing to Omnos full terms and conditions

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