5 ways to biohack yourself to full potential

Improving our lifestyle to reach our optimal best is not a fiction from a futuristic movie. It is now very possible.The constant and exponential evolution of technology and growing access to information, make this even more of a reality.

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"Humanity is a process. We are not really beings but ‘becomings’.”

Kevin Kelly

Improving our lifestyle to reach our optimal best is not fiction from a futuristic movie. It is now very possible.The constant and exponential evolution of technology and growing access to information, make this even more of a reality.

In today’s blog, we will explore what we can do to optimise our health by looking at the exciting and growing trend of BIOHACKING.

So what is Biohacking? 

A Biohacker is someone who observes that their health is his responsibility. They see his or her body as both a blessing and a complex system that can be probed, analysed, understood, and tested. By adopting such a mindset, a Biohacker, using controlled experimentation (i.e. biohacking) is able to pursue self-development and deeper self-understanding. Isn't one of the fundamental objectives of life to recognise yourself and never stop learning how to become a better version of who you are?

So what can you do to BIOHACK yourself?

To get you started, here are 5 areas of life you can "Biohack" to unleash your true potential and upgrade yourself to a whole new level. 

1. Nutrition

The basics:

Don't think of food as a simple source of energy, but as a complex variety of functional "tools"  to repair, build, support and enhance your key biological processes. It is important to understand that the food you eat today will have an impact on your future. Nutrition is your fuel and tool for tomorrow. The growing and fascinating world of Nutrigenomics is constantly proving how important your food choices are in determining your health, by sending the right message to your genes.

Make it personal:

Do your genes predispose you to certain imbalances that could lead to degenerative diseases? There are a few genes you should know about that could potentially add 10 healthy years to your life by adjusting your diet, lifestyle and environment according to their variation. For example, if your detoxification system isn't optimal, you have a higher risk of getting certain types of cancer. Optimising your nutrition-  firstly by eating organically to minimise or remove the toxic loads from pesticides and other chemicals, then by adding cruciferous and allium vegetables will help to support your detoxification pathways and would be a great start.

2. Exercise

The basics:

Think of exercise as a replacement for the active lifestyle we have lost in the last century by becoming sedentary and as a way to challenge yourself to new heights on a daily basis. Exercise is the basis of optimum health and not just a quick fix to lose weight.  

Make it personal:

What type of training is best suited to you? 

What will your body respond to best - whether you want to lose weight or build lean muscles ( also essential when trying to lose weight ). Certain gene variants can determine if you are more suited to power or endurance exercise, whether you should take extra precautions because of your high injury risk and how much recovery you may need in order to optimise your performance.

3. Work

The basics:

Whether you work in an office or from home or are always on the go, make sure to optimise the ergonomics of your chair, stand up every 30 minutes, and walk & stretch every 2 hours. Track and fix your posture throughout the day. 

Make it personal: 

Make your work environment productive and look at eliminating stress as much as possible by being organised and focusing on one task at a time. Investigate your CTRA gene variant. This gene variant can lead to chronic stress and social isolation. It is expressed in ways that may be unhelpful to your health, causing inflammation to increase and immunity to decrease. With an excellent wellness programme in place, however, this gene expression can be positively influenced. The productivity of your office environment can significantly improve, and your work/ stress-related cost decrease.

4. Sleep

The basics:

Think of sleep as both the only way to fully regenerate and the only way for the brain to unload the toxins caused by the trillions of daily biomechanical reactions it undertakes. Making sure you get your 7-8 hours of sleep is essential in order to maintain optimum health. Your bedroom should be set for the optimal sleeping experience, from the mattress to the colour theme and lighting.

Make it personal:

Are you an early bird or a night owl?  

Do you do your best work in the morning, winding down in the evening towards a relatively early bedtime? Or are you a night owl- tending to wake later and perhaps gaining in energy and focus as the day progresses, preferring to work and play in the evening hours? The PER1 gene is part of a group of genes that affects circadian rhythms. They are strongly linked to circadian timing and to the tendency towards living as an owl or a lark. We can all do ourselves a favour by paying attention to our natural tendencies for sleeping and waking and using this information to make our daily schedules work for both our sleep and our health. 

5. Mind

The basics:

A healthy mind is at peace with its environment. Being overwhelmed on a daily basis can have disastrous long term consequences. When the mind/ nutrition correlation is strong, other daily habits can be implemented to keep your brain healthy and your mindset in the right place.

Make it personal:

Working memory, executive function and higher IQ can rest in the variation of a common gene, COMT. This gene also controls oestrogen, neurotransmitters and toxin elimination, and is responsible for anxiety and mood swings. If your variant isn't optimal, you would be strongly advised to stimulate dopamine, adrenalin, and norepinephrine levels via exercise, outdoor activities, meditation and social interactions.

I believe that if people embrace the health awakening that is happening now, and tune in to a more personalised and proactive approach to their health and wellness by adopting the principle of BIOHACKING, that daily life can be drastically improved.

Dare the new!

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