Omnos Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaways

Stand a chance to get your hands on one of our amazing bundle prizes this holiday season with the Omnos twelve days of Christmas giveaway! Win a test from Omnos along with great products from our friends and a good book to prepare for a new year, healthier you.

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12 Fantastic Prizes to Optimise Your Health

We're feeling extra festive this Christmas at Omnos because what a year it has been for everyone! To make our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway a little bit more fun, our team has put together 12 different prize bundles that pair an Omnos test with some of our favourite wellness brands as well as hand picked books written by brilliant authors to get you ready with a stronger health mindset for the new year!

The tests we are giving away include Genes, Microbiome, Enviro-Toxins, Hormones, Elements, as well as some of our most popular at-home blood tests within the wellness range and sex hormones range.

Everyday, for twelve days, starting 13 December 2021, we will reveal a new prize for you to win on our Instagram account. The winner for each prize will be chosen at random through a raffle everyday, from 25 December 2021 until 5 January 2022, and announced on our Instagram posts. Be sure to follow on Instagram!

Enter Now to Win

You can enter the giveaway competition throughout the whole period from 13 December 2021 up to 4 January 2022, the sooner you enter the bigger the chances to win one of the twelve giveaway prizes! And to double the chances of winning, you just need to like our competition posts on Instagram and tag a friend in the comment.

To enter our Christmas giveaway raffle, simply enter your details below.

Our Friends to Thank for Their Participation

We would like to thank our good friends at The Gut Stuff, Planet Organic, Field Doctor, Will Powder by Davinia Taylor, Upbeat Protein, Hermosa, WIT Clothing, Ryan Levitate, London Cryo, Onolla, and Elizabeth Arden for making our 12 days of Christmas Giveaways even more exciting this year!

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